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We take the best from each brand on the international market and offer all that to you, our clients!

Live-Printer.com is the only company in Russia which provides the full range services, related to outsourcing businness printing. Only we have all necessary equipment for printing and finishing any sort of documents that a company may need. Regardless of your location, our experts will find the best option for leasing plotters and MFPs for you. Thanks to our unique scheme of working with local clients, we employ no third-party contractors throughout the country. It doesn’t matter from which location a request for leasing of MFPs or outsourcing of printing is sent – we shall deliver MFPs or plotters you took on lease to Murmanks, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Kazan or any other city of the Russian Federation, large or small.

A note to our esteemed clients. We do not “force-feed” equipment and services!

Our purpose is satisfaction of our clients! Clients often have have trouble picturing what they need. If during a phone conversation or mail exchange we find, that you don’t actually need our services, we warn about this honestly. For example, we might advise you to slightly optimize your existing equipment, specify flaws in operation of your printers and MFP, or oversights in operation of organizations that service your equipment, so you would be able to solve your problem without much pain. We do this entirely for free.
Maybe in the future, when you’d face an actual need to lease some printers and MFPs or find quality outsourcing for your company’s printing, you’d remember us and our advice, which helped you to overcome your current difficulties, and turn to us. We’ll be glad to help you again!

We work in this marked from 2008, and know advantages and shortcomings of equipment, produced by various manufacturers. We’re not associated with any specific brand. Why? Because associating themselves with a brand will, first of all, obligate us to fullfill certain sales targets. No vendor representative ever managed to clearly explain to us, how sales targets are related to leasing printers, MFPs and plotters, as well as to outsourcing of printing. Our country is engulphed in the economic crisis, enterprises close down and people lose their jobs every day. How can we sell expensive equipment under such conditions

Most of our potential clients do not have money for purchase of plotters and MFPs.
Furthermore, each manufacturer of printers, MFPs and plotters had produced some good and some not-so-good models. We’re seasoned professionals, servicing office equipment since 2008. Through constant servicing of equipment from various manufacturers, we’ve learned strengths and weaknesses of printing equipment from those manufacturers. Our expers will never offer you any problematic plotter and MFP models. Working equipment assets of Live-printer.com currently exceed two hundreds units.
We take the best from each brand on the international market and offer all that to you, our clients!
Your enterprise had grown in the process of operation and now requires more printing? Just call us – then we’ll select, deliver and set up additional MFPs and plotters. And prices for printing your technical drawings and documents will stay at the level which has been agreed upon and recorded in a contract.
Live-printer.com is the only company in the Russian Federation that puts our money where our mouth is. We constantly monitor quality of servicing of plotters and MFPs leased from us. You’ve taken an MFP or plotter on lease from us, some malfunction occurred and the device no longer prints? We will not be getting any money until that MFP or plotter is repaired. In other words, if a device malfunctions and stops working, we stop getting money from you. We will do everything possible – and sometimes even impossible – to repair equipment you’ve leased from us as soon as possible. We think in the long term. Today you’ve leased a plotter or an MFP from us, printed your technical drawings and documents, returned the equipment to us. If you liked our services related to leasing of printing equipment – you’ll turn to us again!

We’re the only company on the market that offers complex printing solutions for enterprises of any level, and that is the most important difference between us and our competitors. We do not divide our clients into important and unimportant – any client is important to us. A small design firm of today can become a large enterprise with hundreds of employees tomorrow. Nothing is static, everything changes, and we change together with you, our clients, constantly offering something new to you. You need a black-and-white printer for your office? Get an MFP at the cost of a printer! There is no need to make additional contracts for repair of printers and MFPs or for delivery and refilling of cartridge
By working with us, you will get a single service, a single supplier and a single bill, with a constant printing price, fixed in your contract. Plus a single phone number to call for solving any problems related to printing documents in your company.

Don’t be afraid of taking printers and MFPs on lease, ladies and gentlemen You pay only for printed pages (metersin case of plotters) – there are NO other payments! Taking an MFP or plotter on lease is cost-efficient. You need to urgently and quickly produce high-quality prints of technical drawings and documents? If you turn to us, you’ll only have to pay for pages printed, if you lease an MFP from us, and for square meters if you lease a plotter from us. You’ve completed your project, printed the entire volume of technical drawings, schemes and document you needed? Then you return the equipment so that an expensive plotter or MFP won’t become a deadweight. As Dmitry Nagiyev had proven, there is no need to buy a whole pig if you only want a single sausage.

If you still have questions – order a showcase of our services! A plotter, for example an Oce Colorwave plotter (plotting printer) or a color MFP, for example an Ricoh MP C5504Ex MFP will be delivered to you for free. The equipment will be installed in your office and put into operation. You will be able to see for yourself that taking printing equipment on lease is reality now!

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